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Welcome to the education space of the future
where 21st Century Families can come to

work, learn, play & create


Our Limitless mission is to provide an inclusive, collaborative, encouraging environment
that enables learners of all ages the flexibility to pursue their interests
and develop their mind, body and spirit on their own personal timeline.

Our Limitless vision is for individuals to get joy and fulfillment from lifelong learning,
and consciously develop their strengths and values to meet their highest potential
as responsible, mindful and engaged members of society.

We are currently looking for interested families, funding, and a location so that we can begin operations by September, 2024.

Limitless Village will offer several different programs to meet your needs...

Parents will no longer have to choose between their career and their family. 

Limitless Village will offer flexible Co-Working space for all of your business needs.

to Co-Working

Families can customize their education plans for children ages 3-18 and participate in Co-Learning.  Co-Learning is the heart of Limitless Village, where every age and ability level has the opportunity to collaborate, communicate, share resources, and share expertise.


We are a unique education space because of our focus on community where families get to work, learn, play and create together all in one convenient all-inclusive center. Racing around town to drop the kids off, go to the gym, grab a coffee, get to work, get to lessons, and find time to network is a thing of the past for our members. Our community is your community, and is designed with you and your family in mind.


Seeking interested families, funding and a location so that we can begin operations in Northern Nevada by September, 2024.

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